Floristería San Isidro is a company based in San Isidro de El General, Pérez Zeledón. It is one of the florists with the greatest experience in the region and is characterized by its friendly treatment and diversity of products.

Apart from the sale of flowers, bouquets and taxes, it has an area for the purchase of gifts such as stuffed animals, cookies and cards.

On its page it presents an online product catalog, which adapts to any mobile device.

Contact information:

Telephones: + (506) 2772-3933 | + (506) 2771-0872

Emergencies: + (506) 8846-4862

Whatsapp: + (506) 7180-3757



Global positioning

My name is Nolberto Abarca Fallas and I am the owner of Floristería San Isidro.
I want to thank Insight Dev for the excellent work they have done creating our website We believe that thanks to our website we have been able to make ourselves known both locally and internationally, thus increasing our sales; So without doubt I can recommend them to any company that is interested in creating their own website.

Nolberto Abarca / Owner - Floristería San Isidro